The power of mass messaging capability in your solution

Visibility of all your staff, and the ability to mass message them across the whole business, by teams, groups or individual has been a recurring theme for the past couple of years in particular.

Living in NZ, with frequent weather events, and the need to:

  1. Know where everyone is
  2. Be able to quickly message them to not enter particular areas
  3. Evacuate from particular areas

With Guardian Everywhere, mass communication is fast, reliable and efficient.  Simply go to the portal, look at the map to identify the area, draw a circle around it and it will automatically capture all inReach and app users in that geographical area, type in your message and send.

To add an extra layer of safety you can also send all the workers in that area a “Pulse Welfare check” which will pop up a message on their app or inReach asking them if they’re ok?  With two reply options “yes I’m ok”  or  “no I need help”.  The hub provides you a dashboard so you can quickly see a) who has responded yes/no or who has not responded.  All responses are geo tagged so you can see where on the map they were when they responded and if required, despatch assistance.

Staff can send images which are geotagged and have notes to report issues in the field and last but not least, the ability to create geo fences for “no go zones” or sites of interest such as the Head Office, with entry and exit alerts.

All these functions and more, makes the Guardian Everywhere solution the most powerful not just remote worker solutions, but communications tool available on the global market.

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