Petra Hakansson

CEO & Founder

Petra Hakansson has spent over a decade in the GPS and Security industries where she has been involved in the delivery of Lone Worker solutions and Lone Worker Policy development to clients from Government to SME’s in a variety of risk environments and on a variety of networks, including satellite.


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About Petra

Petra has spent the last decade working with GPS technology and security. She has been involved in the development and delivery of lone worker solutions to clients ranging from government departments to SME’s on a variety of networks and a range of risk environments. Her business, Guardian Angel Security specialises in the lone worker sector and has delivered solutions to protect over 2000 workers in Australia and New Zealand including Worksafe NZ, Waikato, Northland and Hawkes Bay Regional Councils and many City Councils as well as Suncorp Group and Midway forestry in Australia.


Petra is passionate about ensuring solutions implemented by companies are fit for purpose and the supporting processes and training is delivered to a high standard. A successful solution which can be counted on in an emergency requires a range of components to come together. They work closely with all providers and users involved in a successful solution to integrate and provide a one stop shop for their clients. In this very safety critical environment, we know without a doubt, that the quality of the decision making process definitely defines the quality of the outcomes. Petra facilitates workshops on the technology at EMA, is a regular presenter at Health and Safety events including ALGIM, National Safety Show, Safety 360, Forestry Safety Summit and NZISM. Guardian Angel Security are members of NZISM.