Garmin's 5000th SOS
Lessons about lone worker safety from Garmin’s 5,000th SOS


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As a lone or remote worker, when something goes wrong and you activate an SOS, you want to know that a fast, reliable and efficient response is on the way. This is evident in the latest article from Garmin about their 5,000’th inReach SOS, a Whitewater rafting emergency.

After triggering an SOS on their inReach device when a boat overturned, leaving a woman unable to walk, the team of rafters were able to communicate with the response team to coordinate a point for the helicopter to meet them, saving valuable time and ensuring the woman received treatment as quickly as possible. Read more in the article here.


While this situation was a recreational activity, it highlights the importance of a fast and reliable response and two way communication when it comes to remote and lone worker safety solutions. We are very proud to be working with Garmin to provide solutions that save lives. With the Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub, paired with an inReach device and integrated via API to our NZ based monitoring and response software, your people will be guaranteed a fast and reliable response, in real time (as opposed to relying on electronic messaging).


If you would like to move your existing Garmin InReach devices to the most comprehensive HUB with greater functionality, or you are looking at implementing a remote worker solution, please register your interest here.